About Us


Our Philosophy

As the number of working families continues to rise, many families struggle to balance their home life with other obligations. Due to this unfortunate reality in today’s society, Camp Innovation has created wonderful programs to help families regain some of their precious home time. Through efficient use of after school and summer programs, families will have more quality time to spend fostering their home lives. 

At Camp Innovation, we understand that the education and social development of each child depends on a collaborative effort. Thus, we partner with each student, their school, and their families to ensure the student’s success. We accomplish this goal through quality extended day and extended year programs that enhance social and educational experiences. 

With over 20 years of combined experience in education and childcare, Camp Innovation, Inc. is committed to providing a fun and educational learning experience in a safe environment. Camp Innovation gives children premiere learning opportunities rich in diversity and social interaction while allowing children the freedom to enjoy the fun of childhood. 

With after school regulation and rules changing frequently, Camp Innovation also check with the state to ensure all guidelines are being followed. 


Benefits for You

Camp Innovation enhances the educational quality and financial income of your school. Our camp is there when the regular school days and school years end. We understand that although each school may have a different personality, they all share the same goal of providing a quality education that benefits the students, their families, and their teachers. Camp Innovation can assist with this goal by supplementing the daily lessons learned at school in a way that excites and motivates students. 

After school programs face the special challenge of keeping students focused and energized after a long and tiresome day of classes. Camp innovation employs undergraduate and graduate students who bring energy to maximize the after school experience for every child. When the last school bell rings our staff is revved up and ready to go with homework, ABC’s (Activity Based Classes), and outdoor activities. Our well-rounded and energetic camp counselors strike a balance between studies and fun. The counselors assist each child with completing their homework and ensure that each child also has time for fun activities. 

All staff members are committed to the safety and health of each child and have the following credentials: 
• Virtus Training (Child safety course administered by the Diocese) 
• Successful Background checks (State and federal checks) 
• First aid and CPR certification 
• 18 years of age or older 
• Passion for teaching and molding young minds 

Camp Innovation Inc. fills in the gaps when the regular school days and school year ends. We are here for you during school vacation days, teacher in-service days, winter break, spring break, summer break, and early dismissals. Camp Innovation Inc. have several sites throughout the Houston area. Students may attend our programs at any of the sites during school breaks at no additional charge. 

Camp Innovation assumes financial responsibility for the after school and summer programs in the most cost-efficient manner. Schools receive a percentage of the after school’s revenue. This supplemental income will increase the school’s revenue and can aid in improvements of the school. 


Fact Sheet

1. Camp Innovation was established in 2004. 

2. Camp Innovation currently operates after-school program at the following schools within the Galveston-Houston Arch-Diocese. 
           a. Our Lady of Guadalupe 
           b. Queen of Peace

3. All Camp Innovation employees undergo comprehensive background checks, one with the Department of Justice, the state of Texas and the Galveston Houston Diocese. 

4. All employees are First Aid and CPR certified 

5. All After-School counselors are 18 years of age or older 

6. Camp Innovation operates on teacher in-service days, school Holidays, and any additional days through the year where care is needed. (Excluding National Holidays) 

7. Homework, Homework, Homework…Camp Innovation prides itself on not only helping students complete homework, but also helps them to develop a better understanding of the lessons learned in school. 


Additional Benefits

“Operation Give Back” 
Camp Innovation Inc. participates in many community volunteer programs and encourages all families to participate with us. 

Encouraging Healthy Lifestyles 
Healthy snacks are provided daily in an effort to teach kids about responsible eating and healthy lifestyle choices. 

Activity Based Classes (ABC’s) 
Camp Innovation provides a wide range of outside classes to those students who would like to participate. A few of these classes are listed. Latin, Study and Organizational Skills, Test Prep, Chess, Cheerleading, Dance, Beginning Magic, Karate, Spanish, and many more. 

Thank you for making Camp Innovation your trusted name in child care.