After-School Programs


About the Program

As educators and members of our community, we have found that the time between school dismissal and 6:00 pm has become increasingly critical. With the number of working families constantly on the rise, family members are forced to compromise their time with each other. Due to this unfortunate reality in today’s society, Camp Innovation Inc. was created with the purpose of giving this time back to the family.

With many years of experience in the realm of childcare and student education, the founders of Camp Innovation Inc. have identified a specific need for all families, the need for time as a family. The fundamental base of a healthy society is the family. Our programs meet the learning and social needs of today’s child in a safe environment. By making proper use of these vital after-school hours, families will gain back what has been compromised with business, work, and community related activities: Family Time. 


Purpose of the Program

Camp Innovation Inc. is committed to providing a fun and educational learning experience in a safe environment for the children of our community. We will strive to build lasting relationships with our familes and parters. We will give children premiere learning opportunities rich in diversity and social interaction while nurturing the whole person. Happy children build happy communities. 


Day Care Center: Minimun Standards and Guidelines

Camp Innovation Inc. will adhere to the requirements and standards as listed in the Day-Care Center Minimum Standards and Guidelines in accordance with Diocesan rules and Texas State Law. We at Camp Innovation Inc. are prepared to operate under the current guidelines and will adjust any procedures if regulations are amended. As we grow and prosper, these guidelines will remain constant with our program. The safety of every child is our utmost concern. 


Basic Full-Day and Half-Day Program

All students enrolled in the After-School Program will follow the below schedule.

Homework Sessions

Two homework sessions per day will be offered for each child enrolled in the After-School Program. Homewok sessions will be supervised by a teacher or Innovation staff. If students are not able to get all work done within the designated homework time,  accommodations will be made, and extra homework time will be allowed and made for all students. Every student will have more than ample time in order to finish all work assigned. Each homework session will be approximately 1 hour long, breaking for snack and restroom breaks. After snack and restroom time, there will be an additional homework session allowed for all those students who are returning from an activity-based course, or others who simply wish to continue their homework.

All students enrolled in any Activity-Based Course will attend class according to schedule. If for any reason there is a cancellation of a particular course, due to weather or teacher emergency, makeup days will be given the second to last week of the semester.

Play Time

For those students not enrolled in an Activity-Based Course, and have completed their assigned homework, the opportunity to take place in an organized outdoor activity will be offered. Depending upon weather and/or ozone conditions, children will be involved in weekly outdoor activities. All team leaders of Innovation will not watch children play, but instead take an active and participating role with all children. Each week, children not enrolled in any Activity-Based Course will be introduced to a new sport, art or learning activity. Each week, a new activity will be introduced as to keep each student’s attention level high. It is important to note that all Innovation team leaders will always take an active role in what the children are participating in. Supervision will be hands on and participation will exceed.