Activity-Based Courses

These courses address students on a more individual basis, to allow further learning and understanding of each subject course. These courses indtroduce students to a variety of hobbies, activites, art forms, and academic disciplines. 


Latin, as priceless as it is ageless, is a wonderful tool for all children and stude3nts alike. With Latin, your child will increase in grammatical proficiency, knowledge of vocabulary, and improve his or her basic understanding of sentence structure. With all these new skills, your child will be able to diagram sentences and write essays at a higher level.


Study and Organizational Skills

Study and organizational skills are a valuable and necessary part of success for all students. While increasing workloads continue to be placed on students, many do not develop the study and organizational skills needed to keep up with these demands. It is a fact that students who have better studying and organizational skills generally have better grades and less stress throughout their educational and professional lives. Camp Innovation Inc. is here to provide a gateway to allow students every opportunity to continue their success and build a solid foundation for future successes.


Test Prep Course

Many of the students who begin with a Catholic primary education continue on to Catholic secondary education. Prospective students must take a placement or acceptance exam to be admitted into their prospective school. Currently a placement and acceptance test is the key determining factor for most private Catholic schools in Houston. Camp Innovation Inc. is here to provide the extra prep work for those eigth graders who are interested in taking these tests. This course will be offered in conjunction with the “Study and Organizational Skills” course.



Chess will be a semester-long journey toward becoming an improved chess player. Students embarking on this journey will learn the history of chess, along with the strategies and knowledge required to play man’s greatest mental game. By the end of their journey, they will be able to spread the knowledge they have gained to their peers and family, bringing the original enjoyment level to a new all-time high.



This course is dedicated to those students who have a great desire to learn the fundamentals of cheerleading. There are also other benefits that include teamwork, patience, sportsmanship and friendship. Students will learn dance steps and routines, along with the opportunity to create and perform their own shows. Students will be encouraged to create their own routines and work with a professional dance instructor.



This course will offer a plethora of activities to fully appreciate the art of dance. During the semester, the instructor will focus on ballet, tap, and jazz. Throughout the semester each child will get a taste of each genre of dance. This is also a great way to teach children to incorporate fitness into their daily lives. Note: classes will be broken into groups according to age and previous experience.


Yoga for Kids

Children today are under a lot of stress. Teaching yoga to children helps them develop better body awareness, self-control, flexibility, and coordination. Yoga also teaches children breathing exercise and how to stay centered and calm in difficult situations they may encounter throughout the day. Within this activity-based course, teachers will build team skills and foster bonding through the techniques described above.



Your child will be taken on a magical journey full of new surprises each time class meets. Magic class will be operated and supervised by a professional magician. Children will learn sleight of hand, showmanship, and the art of illusion. This class will give students an opportunity to improve public speaking skills through public performances. Each child will be placed according to skill level as the instructor sees best.


Karate (Advanced)

This class is a place for those students who have some prior experience in martial arts. There will be an overview of basic fundamentals; however, the majority of the time will be spent teaching the more advanced lessons of the art. Camp Innovation Inc.’s top priority at all times is safety. For that reason, all children will be separated according to age, skill level, and size. Camp Innovation Inc. will not allow any child to be placed in a compromising or dangerous position.



This activity-based learning opportunity is just that, active. Fencing teaches students to be quick on their feet, improves reaction time and cardiovascular fitness. Fencing shows children they can be competitive while showing sportsmanship toward their fellow classmates. This sport also improves a youngster’s decision-making process. Note: all equipment and supplies required for this course will be provided by your child’s instructor.


Art, Clay for All

This activity-based class will be a positive environment for creativity. All children enrolled in art will have an action-packed semester that will keep their interest high from start to finish. The children will be exposed to all genres of art, as well as have an opportunity to experiment with all different forms of art including sketch, water colors, and clay for kids to name a few. Children will not only learn to appreciate the different genres of art, they will also learn a history of why and how these artists have influenced modern art.



Houston has become a city with a very rich Hispanic influence. With this influence growing on a daily basis, the ability to speak and understand Spanish is becoming an invaluable skill. Studies have shown that the younger a person begins to gain command of a second language, the easier it will be for that child to keep full reign of this skill. This foreign language class will cover a mixture of vocabulary, grammar, and phonetic skills to further students’ comprehension of the language. In addition to this, children will be introduced to different cultures, civilizations, and dialects.


Wellness through Musical Improvisation

This gives all young aspiring musicians the somewhat undheard of opportunity to get one on one attention in order to improve and transform himself or herself into a better musician. This will be achieved through the process of reading, writing, and performing music. The one on one attention will give your child the key to unlock the door into a magical, musical world of endless opportunity, giving your child the opportunity to sharpen her or his skills on a daily basis.


Children’s Theatre

When we say children’s theatre, we mean it. This will be an opportunity for the children to play a major factor in every aspect of a theatrical production. Each child enrolled will play a vital role in seeing that the semeter’s play or plays, (depending on the size of the production the children and the instructor decided to perform), runs smoothly. This class will be open to all grade and skill levels. Some will participate in the acting portion, some in costume design, set design, lighting, back stage work, writing and or directing. This will reinforce the importance of teamwork and cohesiveness, allowing each child to bring their own artistic ability to the table.