Stream of Consciousness

Camp Innovation Inc. has developed a program that introduces children to the activities and responsibilities of a wide range of professions. Through this program Camp Innovation Inc. has created a simulated city organized in a way to teach children teamwork, creativitiy, leadership skills, and the beginning of business and life management. By giving children hands-on roles in areas ranging from news radio personnel to law enforcement to corporate CEOs, all students will find their niche within SIMOVATION.

Possible Jobs:
  • Post Office
  • Kangaroo Court
  • Bank
  • Media, broadcasting, newspaper


Additional Information

  • Awards will be given to all enrolled students every Friday.
  • Awards can be bought by companies who make the most profit.
  • Each company will have weekly meetings, budget constraints, and scenario analyses.
  • Each company will adhere to any laws given to them, as well as start-up constraints.
  • Leaders will work as consultants for the children and offer advice on planning and procedures.
  • All students will be assigned a job, and all students, regardless of grade, will taken an active role in their companies.
  • Simovation¬†media workers will publish and After-School newspaper allowing for creative writing of essays and news reports of After-School Activities along with sports reports.