Sports & Activities

It has been proven that children who participate in sports generally have more success in school. We at Camp Innovation Inc. feel it is imperative to encourage sports programs in order to maximize your sons and daughters potential. All of our sports will focus on team building, sportsmanship, integrity, and hard work. Along with these life skills, we will also teach the rules and regulations of each sport; spending considerable time mastering the different strategies, roles, and responsibilities of each player within the given sport. Most importantly, we let kids be kids and enjoy while learning our favorite pastimes. 


Flag Football

One of the most enjoyed pastimes, football. Football is considered a very action0packed game involving many strategies, while giving all those playing enjoyment. Although Camp Innovation Inc.’s coaching staff will only participate in flag football, the rules, strategies, and roles of each player will be taught, while also focusing on all fundamental skills needed in order to best understand and enjoy the game of football.



Soccer, becoming the world’s #1 sport for spectators and participants alike, is a sport like no other. We at Camp Innovation Inc. have combined the fast-paced sport of soccer into the exciting atmosphere of Camp Innovation Inc. Through soccer, all children involved will have an exciting time learning and perfecting new skills and strategies needed to navigate them and their team around the soccer field.



Baseball, America’s official pastime can also be found within Camp Innovation Inc.’s exciting atmosphere. Baseball/softball will spark in all participants what it has sparked in children for more than 100 years. Focusing on the fundamental skills needed to succeed in baseball, the coaching staff of Camp Innovation Inc. will take your children from imitating their favorite sports idols, to one day becoming another child’s idol.



Get into the Camp Innovation Inc. spirit with cheerleading and tumbling. Here we will teach all participants the basics on floor routines, cheers, low impact stunts, and crowd enthusiasm. With Camp Innovation Inc. spirit, your children will definitely be all smiles.



Ready to SERVE up some fun with Camp Innovation Inc. Volleyball is a sport that has many subtle strategies and components. Skills such as serving, digging, blocking, and others will be introduced and sharpened as participants with work side by side with many great college and professional athletes.



No WWF here, this is the real thing, for all your true wrestling fans. Camp Innovation Inc. will present an introduction to the fast-paced sport of grappling. Participants will get ahnds-on opportunities to view and participate in different wrestling tactics and strategies while learning more about one of our world’s oldest and most overlooked sports. Due to the nature of the sport, Camp Innovation Inc. will limit the class to an introduction to the sport; and actual competition between youths will be prohibited.



With a basketball goal on every block, it is easy to see why basketball has become so popular among all age groups. Just as with all others, Camp Innovation Inc. has come down with basketball fever as well. Participants of Camp Innovation Inc’s basketball camp will learn fundamental skills needed to master the age-old game of basketball. Going beyond fundamental skills, we will teach children strategies and responsibilities of each player on the court, while practicing lay-ups, shooting, defense, and everything in-between.